Double Points Days

double offerDouble Points Days

I wonder how many of you remember Green Shield Stamps? Ah, those happy, (sadly) far off days when you could buy 4 gallons of petrol for under a £1. What is more you were served by an attendant, could ask to have your water, oil levels and tyre pressures checked, in all weathers.

In those halcyon days it was often possible to be offered double Green Shield Stamps, which helped to fill your pages up more quickly and get you closer to redeeming your full books for a set of glasses, cutlery or perhaps a bed-side lamp.

The brilliant concept behind Green Shield Stamps was to encourage customer loyalty. After all, we all like to be thanked and offered a saving. Like so many great ideas of their time, modern retail methods rather left them behind.

However, you cannot keep a good idea down, and thus we witnessed the birth of Loyalty Cards with a plastic card that we can keep in our wallets.

Of course, the underlying principle is the same. Businesses offering their customers points via a loyalty card are saying, “thank you for your custom, please come again”

The Portico Loyalty Card Scheme is a visible and tangible way of our local and family businesses joining together to thank you for your support and encouraging you to shop with them regularly. The success of the scheme means that over 5000 of you are doing that, day in, day out, week in week out.

So, Portico would like to take a leaf out of the Green Shield Book and, for one day in March, April and May, all of the participating Portico businesses will award DOUBLE POINTS.

Please don’t delay, start planning today to visit as many Portico shops as possible on 16th March, 13th April and 18th May and receive DOUBLE POINTS


5000th Portico Loyalty Card Holder announced

5000 cardThe Malvern Portico,  designed to drive business for Malvern’s independent traders, has snapped up its 5,000th cardholder.

The Portico Loyalty Card scheme are extremely proud after they issued the landmark card.

The loyalty card, which was launched in 2013, works by customers signing up for a free card and earning reward points every time they make a purchase in any of the Malvern or Upton shops registered.

More than 10 per cent of the local population has now signed up to the scheme.

The 5,000th cardholder was signed up by staff at Brays of Malvern, on Worcester Road.

To mark the occasion, Stewart Stone, on behalf of Brays, invited Maxine Philpot to the store to meet Margaret Bray (no connection to the store) who was the first ever Portico cardholder.

Both were presented with £25 worth of Portico Vouchers and £25 worth of Brays Vouchers.

We all seem to lead ever-busy lives these days

picAnd so it is all too easy to over-look or take for granted what is in front of us.

A chance remark from a couple of diners whilst I was having a drink at The Great Malvern Hotel made me sit up. Currently renting whilst house-hunting in Malvern, this couple remarked just how lovely it was to be in a Town with such a mix of independent, traditional and interesting shops.

What a great observation. Yes, we have had more than our fair share of scaffolding, road works and road closures recently. Occasionally a shop closes or changes hand. It was ever thus. But we do have a healthy commercial core to our main shopping areas in The Link, Barnard`s Green, Upton and Great Malvern.

A Malvern resident myself, I take every opportunity to chat to Portico Loyalty Card holders whenever I can. You all tell me how good it feels to support our local shops and how much you appreciate living and belonging here.

This strong mix of local businesses and supportive shoppers has ensured that our area has not become the bleak story of High Streets in so many other Towns.

As this year draws to a close and we look forward to a New Year, please carry on with your support. I know that every Portico partner wishes to join the Portico Team in saying “Thank you-and see you soon”

A warm welcome!

loyalty 140A very warm welcome to the 112 new Portico Loyalty Card members who signed up during September – together we’re making a difference to local trade!

The march of progress!

DL Book Sep15_Sept_14For many us, the pace of change over the past few decades has been, at times, bewildering and frequently mind-blowing!

Who would ever have thought that we would walk around with a ‘phone in our pocket, and travel the world being able to contact or talk with friends or work colleagues at home?

Or by using the same device, be able to search for facts or information at any time of the day or night? Or shop on-line? Or bank on-line. Or take and send photos? It would seem that we are only limited by our own imagination.

With more and more of us using our mobile devices (now over 50% and rapidly rising) to search for information of all kinds it is becoming increasingly necessary for our local shops and businesses to be in on the act.

That is why The Portico has developed and launched the Portico app. This free download will give you access to local shop information, plus many other helpful features such as local Tourist Information, MHDC web-site and more.

The most frequent calls to our office are from Portico cardholders checking on their points. By downloading the Portico app you can now do this at any time on your mobile or tablet.
On behalf of all of our Portico partners, thank you for your support and custom. Compare our Town to others around us and you will see that your support is really making a difference.

Visit your app provider and search ‘Portico Malvern’ for your free download.

The Portico App

phonePortico stands for Gateway

We are often asked why we chose the name Portico when we launched the Loyalty Card Scheme. Our aim was, and remains, to encourage everyone to support their local family and independent businesses, which in turns adds so much value to the area we all live and work in. To us, Portico stands for “gateway” and to facilitate this we have provided both a Portico quarterly booklet and a comprehensive Portico web-site that offers information and availability of products and services available throughout our area linked to the Portico Loyalty Card

However, in this day and age, nothing stands still for very long. With the ever-increasing use we make of our mobile devices, we are learning to search for information whilst on the move and are drawn to those businesses and facilities that provide this modern, and increasingly essential, access.


FREE to all regular residents, shoppers and visitors to our area, this is easily downloaded via your mobile device APP store – search for ‘Portico Malvern’.

An essential modern-day local resource, the Portico App is compatible with all devices, and fully mobile-optimised. With a simple push of a button on your mobile, The Portico App offers a direct route to all Portico Loyalty Card Traders, their webpage, their geo-location, and a product or service search facility. Added to this is MHDC Tourist information with local events and services, Three Counties Showground Events and more. Portico Loyalty Card holders will be able to check their points, and we are hoping to introduce other services such as local job offers, and local trader’s special offers as we develop our range of information. And of course, this is all available to you wherever you are, 24 hours a day!


Spring is a great time to be in Malvern...

loyalty card…as emerging flowers and greenery shake off the grey days of winter, and lighter evenings encourage us to become more active on shopping, hobbies and projects.
With an ever-growing band of cardholders, (now nearly 4000 in number), Portico is also joining in with the Spring Fever by welcoming new businesses into our network.
As with all of our existing businesses, they have their own web-page on the Portico Website – Please note that there is an opportunity to rate each business and traders have asked us to encourage you all to do this, as it offers everyone a chance to highlight good products and service. Equally, businesses cannot make improvements if they do not know what you think of them!
What these businesses have in common is the very real wish to demonstrate that they value your custom by offering you Portico Loyalty Points. So, please remember to take your card with you and use it each time you shop, no matter what size of purchase you are making.
So, as our front covers suggests, please SPRING IN TO ACTION with your Portico Loyalty Card and support your local shops – a warm welcome awaits you.

Portico Loyalty Card - One million pounds through local tills!

Generally speaking, the economy has taken an upward turn and 2014 has been a positive year for Portico traders. We are extremely fortunate to have such a wide diversity of family and independent traders in our area. The fact that we have escaped the fate of so many other towns and high streets is largely due to the vision, investment, determination and sheer hard work of our local business community.

Now into its second year, Portico Loyalty Card Scheme is proud to be associated with and part of the local scene. From small and humble beginnings we currently have 3600 cardholders and this figure grows daily. Our target is to exceed 4000 cardholders by the end of next April when we shall be 2 years old.

Perhaps of more relevance is that between all of you as cardholders, you have collectively spent over £1,000,000.00 since we started. WOW and THANK YOU from all of our participating businesses. To our knowledge there is no other scheme quite like this for bringing businesses and customers together on such a proven scale.

Looking forward to 2015 we are aiming to add more businesses to our network so that collecting points for vouchers will become an even more rewarding experience.

Your local businesses will be there to welcome you and deeply appreciate your custom.

A very warm welcome to the 427 new cardholders who have joined the Malvern Portico Loyalty Card scheme in the past 3 months.

Welcome also to the following businesses who have joined the scheme – Malvern Springs Service Station, The Cake Tin, Pound Savers Travel, Jon’s Hairdressers at Clarence Park Village, Foundation Fostering and Tim Sidford Music.

You have joined an ever-growing band, now well over 3000 strong, of residents who are supporting their local family and independent businesses.

Collectively you are all protecting the amenity value of where we live, an important element of the “feel good” factor that comes with living and working in such a great area.