Double Points Days

double offerDouble Points Days

I wonder how many of you remember Green Shield Stamps? Ah, those happy, (sadly) far off days when you could buy 4 gallons of petrol for under a £1. What is more you were served by an attendant, could ask to have your water, oil levels and tyre pressures checked, in all weathers.

In those halcyon days it was often possible to be offered double Green Shield Stamps, which helped to fill your pages up more quickly and get you closer to redeeming your full books for a set of glasses, cutlery or perhaps a bed-side lamp.

The brilliant concept behind Green Shield Stamps was to encourage customer loyalty. After all, we all like to be thanked and offered a saving. Like so many great ideas of their time, modern retail methods rather left them behind.

However, you cannot keep a good idea down, and thus we witnessed the birth of Loyalty Cards with a plastic card that we can keep in our wallets.

Of course, the underlying principle is the same. Businesses offering their customers points via a loyalty card are saying, “thank you for your custom, please come again”

The Portico Loyalty Card Scheme is a visible and tangible way of our local and family businesses joining together to thank you for your support and encouraging you to shop with them regularly. The success of the scheme means that over 5000 of you are doing that, day in, day out, week in week out.

So, Portico would like to take a leaf out of the Green Shield Book and, for one day in March, April and May, all of the participating Portico businesses will award DOUBLE POINTS.

Please don’t delay, start planning today to visit as many Portico shops as possible on 16th March, 13th April and 18th May and receive DOUBLE POINTS