We all seem to lead ever-busy lives these days

picAnd so it is all too easy to over-look or take for granted what is in front of us.

A chance remark from a couple of diners whilst I was having a drink at The Great Malvern Hotel made me sit up. Currently renting whilst house-hunting in Malvern, this couple remarked just how lovely it was to be in a Town with such a mix of independent, traditional and interesting shops.

What a great observation. Yes, we have had more than our fair share of scaffolding, road works and road closures recently. Occasionally a shop closes or changes hand. It was ever thus. But we do have a healthy commercial core to our main shopping areas in The Link, Barnard`s Green, Upton and Great Malvern.

A Malvern resident myself, I take every opportunity to chat to Portico Loyalty Card holders whenever I can. You all tell me how good it feels to support our local shops and how much you appreciate living and belonging here.

This strong mix of local businesses and supportive shoppers has ensured that our area has not become the bleak story of High Streets in so many other Towns.

As this year draws to a close and we look forward to a New Year, please carry on with your support. I know that every Portico partner wishes to join the Portico Team in saying “Thank you-and see you soon”