The march of progress!

DL Book Sep15_Sept_14For many us, the pace of change over the past few decades has been, at times, bewildering and frequently mind-blowing!

Who would ever have thought that we would walk around with a ‘phone in our pocket, and travel the world being able to contact or talk with friends or work colleagues at home?

Or by using the same device, be able to search for facts or information at any time of the day or night? Or shop on-line? Or bank on-line. Or take and send photos? It would seem that we are only limited by our own imagination.

With more and more of us using our mobile devices (now over 50% and rapidly rising) to search for information of all kinds it is becoming increasingly necessary for our local shops and businesses to be in on the act.

That is why The Portico has developed and launched the Portico app. This free download will give you access to local shop information, plus many other helpful features such as local Tourist Information, MHDC web-site and more.

The most frequent calls to our office are from Portico cardholders checking on their points. By downloading the Portico app you can now do this at any time on your mobile or tablet.
On behalf of all of our Portico partners, thank you for your support and custom. Compare our Town to others around us and you will see that your support is really making a difference.

Visit your app provider and search ‘Portico Malvern’ for your free download.