A very warm welcome to the 427 new cardholders who have joined the Malvern Portico Loyalty Card scheme in the past 3 months.

Welcome also to the following businesses who have joined the scheme – Malvern Springs Service Station, The Cake Tin, Pound Savers Travel, Jon’s Hairdressers at Clarence Park Village, Foundation Fostering and Tim Sidford Music.

You have joined an ever-growing band, now well over 3000 strong, of residents who are supporting their local family and independent businesses.

Collectively you are all protecting the amenity value of where we live, an important element of the “feel good” factor that comes with living and working in such a great area.

A thousand reasons to say Thank You!

The local Portico business community has THOUSANDS of reasons to say THANK YOU to all Portico Loyalty Cardholders.

During April, Portico Loyalty Cardholders spent a whopping £100,000 throughout their local participating businesses. That is well over £3000 a day, seven days a week, every day of the month, projecting an annualised rate of over £1,000,000 a year.

Just 1 year old, Portico has become an increasingly popular and tangible way of supporting local businesses. We set out to encourage footfall and shopping to maintain the quality of our working and living environment. A year ago we introduced our first magazine, packed with local businesses, each featured on The Portico Website. Central to this was the introduction of The Portico Loyalty Card Scheme.

This scheme allows participating businesses to reward their customers for loyalty via a single card. Thousands of you agree with what we are doing and stand for. Thousands of you now have a Portico Loyalty Card, and use them throughout the area. With more businesses joining us, and an ever-increasing band of cardholders supporting the scheme, the next year looks to be even more exciting and rewarding for shops and customers alike.

So, on behalf of the Portico business community, thank you to all our cardholders. You really are making a difference.

If you do not already have a loyalty card then please call in to any of the businesses in this book and collect one on the spot!

However you like your fish, you collect the points!

However you like to eat your fish and chips, Barnards Green is the place to go, because either way you can collect Portico points. Whether you are paying a visit to Sherriff Fishmongers and ordering a nice bit of Salmon or picking up some freshly fried Cod and Chips from the Barnards Green Fish Bar as an evening supper on the way home, you win, as you collect points that can be converted into £5.00 money off vouchers.

The joy of shopping locally in Barnards Green is that you can also collect Portico points when you buy your fresh fruit and vegetables from Natural Choice or choose a freshly baked cake or quiche from the Cold Chef Catering Company. At the same time you are supporting your local independent traders and helping to keep your local high street healthy and thriving.

You in turn receive a thank you for your support by being able to choose where you would like to spend your £5.00 voucher. ‘Just So’ Card and Gift shop is also part of the Portico Project as is ‘The Malvern Hair and Beauty Emporium’, ‘Lady Foley’s Tea Rooms’, ‘Shrinking Violet’, ‘Masefield Veterinary Centre’, ‘Brooklyn Hair Stylists’ and ‘Grange Farm Nursery’. So, whether you are buying a treat for yourself or others you can still earn points.

“We are so lucky that we have loyal supportive customers and it is nice to be able to reward their loyalty and give something back” said Stephen Knowles from ‘The Cold Chef Catering Company’ “and it is nice to be able to support other traders who are neighbours too”. “Traders who are part of the Portico Project are able to issue the Portico loyalty cards directly, so just ask if you would like to get involved too. However you like your fish, you collect the points”!